Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What is the domain? And how to choose a unique one?!

What is a domain?

Do you know your home address? Certainly you know well .. If someone wanted to send you a package on your home either to write the address  detailed .. and either shorten it and writes zip.

Your home is your website address ..and detailed is the number of the site IP (and consisting of a large number of hard numbers save) .. The Postal code easy to remember and use it domain.

And domain consists of the following sequence (for example):


Where (http: //) is the type of protocol used ..and (mywebsite) is a domain, which will choose whatever .. and (.com) is a later refers to the quality of the site, whether a company or a government site or an educational site or elsewhere. You can learn more about domain name by doing course in digital marketing from techstack.

And when writing this domain by any user of the Internet in the upper rectangle web browser which is owned by (Firefox, for example) it is addressed directly to your site.

How do you choose a distinct domain?

The choice of the domain your site-whether this was the site of a company or personal website or an online store or a news site or real estate or ... - beguile process is very important; it affects in several other important operations also to your site; as a process of creating your site for search engines different, and the process the user of the site easily enter through the ease of typing domain and easy to remember, and the process of building a brand identity or private on the Internet; as the domain of your choice will reflect undoubtedly went public site whether it is formally signed sober, or light shade locations, or locations creative renewed , or otherwise.

the importance of the process of selecting the right domain major step steps owning your site on the World Wide Web; it is you have to exercise caution and prudence must be chosen before

Do not violate intellectual property rights.

This problem does not occur often, but it happened that would be capable of killing your site completely.

To make sure you do not violate intellectual property rights .. Log in to this site and look before you